global coaching solutions

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese. Our mission is to help global leaders and teams flourish. We do this through providing bespoke executive and team coaching solutions. Bringing together seasoned executive coaches from East Asia, the US and Europe enables us to create solutions that work across cultures and can be delivered in English or local languages.

“Sakura Leadership designed a coaching programme that was based on the specific needs of our global team and matched each team member with coach who had relevant experience. They are highly experienced in working across different cultures and mindsets, and helping to position coaching where it is a newer concept.”

Millie Pari, Director, Astellas Pharma

What we do

We help leaders work effectively in global environments by building self-awareness, respect for others, and empathy. This helps them build trust-based relationships across national cultures.

We believe that one-off training events are not sufficient to help leaders learn to work across cultures. Our solutions have executive coaching at their heart and we weave in broader leadership and team development to create systemic solutions.

Our executive and team coaching solutions help leaders to…

Forge and strengthen working relationships across global teams

Improve how they work with stakeholders from different national cultures

Create and sustain inclusive teams

Work collaboratively in global teams to co-create solutions

“I have never participated in a coaching experience like this one, available to the entire team. The part I like the most is the speed of change that happens in the team.”

Senior Director, global pharmaceutical organisation

Who we are

We work in partnership with a hand-selected network of 50 partner coaches in East Asia the US, and Europe. This enables us to work alongside geographically dispersed teams and to bring diverse experiences to our clients. All our coaches have expertise in leading global teams and in coaching leaders for Dow Jones, Nasdaq100, and FTSE100 global organisations.

Our coaches have deep experience in aspects of global leadership, including managing across multiple cultures, leading virtual teams, collaboration and co-creation.

“It’s more effective than any leadership development program I have done before. Coaching has been transformational for me.”

Senior Director, global pharmaceutical organisation

How we work

We collaborate with our clients to co-create targeted, bespoke solutions that will make the biggest and most sustainable impact, and then measure that impact.

Our end-to-end partnership approach is key to the success of our coaching solutions. We make coaching accessible by making it clear what coaching is about and explaining how clients can get the most from it. We partner with clients throughout the process, from identifying needs and matching individuals with coaches, to measuring impact and delivering insight. We do this while respecting the confidential nature of coaching. Our approach is personal and focused on our clients’ needs.

Jane Darvill-Evans, Founder

Jane Darvill-Evans was inspired to found Sakura Leadership in 2020 following a 25-year international career working for global management consultancies and corporate organisations. She became fascinated with what differentiated leaders who were able to work across cultures with ease, building rapport and trust with others, and those who struggled to make an impact.

Working across cultures is the golden thread running through Jane’s career. She has worked in 18 countries across Asia, North America and Europe. Jane started her career in Japan, where she relished the challenges of learning to work effectively with her colleagues and learning to speak Japanese. While working at McKinsey & Company, she worked with leaders of multinational companies.

Her interest in working with others continued through her MBA, leading her to write her dissertation on integrating Japanese expatriates into Hitachi in the UK.

While working at Accenture, Jane helped global pharmaceutical companies to improve their cross-cultural effectiveness. She worked on projects to integrate organisations from different cultures, creating shared approaches across regions and globally, and building the competencies needed to work effectively across those cultures.

Through her senior leadership roles at BP and Astellas Pharma in talent and organisation development, Jane continued to build experience in nurturing trust-based relationships across cultures.

Jane holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and an MSc in Relational Coaching from Ashridge.